Bulk Styles

FL artist Based out of West Palm Beach has been painting, drawing and creating his whole life. As a child he grew up in an art gallery owned by his mother so he’s been influenced by it from a young age. He’s been painting large-scale murals for the past 7 years. Has been commissioned for murals by TMZ Studios and Warner Brothers studio in LA, which he completed in 2013, while also being displayed in galleries and wall across major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Miami. He likes to paint murals that have an effect on the environment surrounding the piece. He’s always looking for new ways to create and push his work to new levels. His ambition far outweighs his skill, he’s person who prides himself on being loyal, humble, respectful and eager to learn from anyone who is willing to teach or anyone who has been down the path before him. When the ride is over hopefully he will have given back something in return.